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When I was a little girl, my family always said “I love you to the moon and back”. My parents, my grandparents… It’s a phrase I always carry with me and it helped me shape the person I am today.

I think we are mostly made of memories, or at least that’s what I feel. Memories of our childhood and the love of those who held our hand and, in time, of those who held our heart.

“To The Moon And Back” is a round trip collection around a universe full of glowing and eternal stars. We are bringing it back to basics, to the purest love. A love that can travel across the universe to end up by your side, on a day as special as your wedding day.

A selection of delicate designs that offer endless combinations to make each bride feel unique and special. We aim to convey the intimacy and glamour of the lingerie garments to the wedding gown. To dress the bride without overwhelming her, to walk her down the aisle in a second skin, to let her be with the utmost finesse. Subtle transparencies, the feminine romanticism of plumeti, cotton and silk organza; embroideries and embellishments in lightly toasted colors, carefully thought to make details, as always, the main protagonists of every gown. All based on our classic silky chiffon and light and soft crepe, now organic and fair-trade, which our brides love so much.

All for a bride that wants to feel pretty, sensual and free. But also nostalgic, firmly close to her roots by a thread both invisible and strong. But above all, romantic, feminine, willing to love to the moon and back.

Lorena Merino

Photographs: Natalia Ibarra


Video: Cuádriga  | Text: Laura Martínez-Belli for Lorena Merino Atelier



Photos: Natalia Ibarra

Video: Quadriga

Art Direction: Rodolfo Mcartney from NoQuieroAgencia

Projection, decoration and coordination: Gloria Duque

Shoes: Just-Ene

Earrings and rings: De la Riva Complementos

Hair Accessories: Martina Dorta

Cakes: Revive

Flowers: Manu Fernández Floral Art

Muah: Absolute Beauty

Model: Fatima Santano

Dogs: My Family Poms

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